26 October 2009

Technical Notes

I just wanted to let folks know about two technical issues with the website.

First, because Daylight Saving Time has now ended in Rome, but does not end until next weekend in the US, updates this week will probably be delayed until the evening (US time). (There were no announcements for today.)

Second, I have updated the Google Translate code on the main website. The new code will automatically appear on any updated pages (I don't plan a full site refresh until around the end of the year.)

The most obvious change is the language selection box is now in the center of the footer of the page (rather than on the right margin just under the menu bar). If your browser is set to a language other than English, then you should get a translation box at the very top of the page with more info.

If you have any problems with this - please let me know! (Beware that it is an automated translation engine and so there are likely to be some issues with the translation itself - that is not something I can fix, for now.)

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