25 May 2006

Bishop de Andrade Ponte Died

Bishop Gerardo de Andrade Ponte, Bishop Emeritus of Patos, Paraiba, Brazil, has died. He served as a bishop for 31 years and as a priest for 57 years. May he rest in peace.

24 May 2006

Štumpf named Maribor Auxiliary

Bishop-elect Peter Štumpf, S.D.B. was named Auxiliary Bishop of Maribor, Slovenia and titular bishop of Musti in Numidia.

Soncuaco Pabillo named Manila Bishop

Bishop-elect Broderick Soncuaco Pabillo was named Auxiliary Bishop of Manila, Philippines and titular bishop of Sitifis.

Rodríguez named La Rioja Bishop

Bishop Roberto Rodríguez was named Bishop of La Rioja, Argentina. The diocese has been vacant since now-Archbishop Fabriciano Sigampa was named Archbishop of Resistencia in November, 2005. Bishop Rodríguez had been serving as Bishop of Villa María.

Ojea named Buenos Aires Auxiliary

Bishop-elect Óscar Vicente Ojea was named Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina and titular bishop of Suelli.

Bianchi di Cárcano retired, Salaberry named Azul Bishop

Bishop Emilio Bianchi di Cárcano retired and Bishop-elect Hugh Manuel Salaberry, S.J. was named Bishop of Azul, Argentina.

Abreu Herrera retired, Espinal de León named Mao-Monte Cristi Bishop

Bishop Jerónimo Tomás Abreu Herrera retired and Bishop Diómedes Antonio Espinal de León was named Bishop of Mao-Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic. Bishop Espinal de León had been serving as an Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago de los Caballeros.

14 May 2006

Bishop Aringarosa, Fictional Character

In response to enquiries, I have posted a page on the non-existant Bishop Manuel Aringarosa. This "person" is a character in the book and movie The Da Vinci Code and like the rest of the book and movie is fictional (i.e., not real).

09 May 2006

Bishop Van Vlierberghe Died

Bishop Cirilo Polidoro Van Vlierberghe, O.F.M., Prelate Emeritus of Illapel, Chile, has died. He served as a bishop for 39 years and as a priest for 71 years. May he rest in peace.

01 May 2006

Cardinal Primatesta Died

Raúl Francisco Cardinal Primatesta, Archbishop Emeritus of Córdoba, Argentina, has died. He served as a cardinal for 33 years, a bishop for 48 years, and a priest for 63 years. May he rest in peace.

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