24 August 2008

Technical Note and the Summer Lull

First, I wanted to let ya'll know that I've finally finished processing a new source Les évêques et les archevêques de France depuis 1682 jusqu'à 1801. The effect is that my lists of French bishops for the 18th century is now fairly complete - adding several hundred new entries.

Secondly, ya'll have probably noticed the annual summer slow down (or lull). This is quite normal and usually lasts until at least mid-September. The good news on that front is that Cardinal Re (Prefect, Congregation of Bishops) met with the Holy Father last Friday. Hopefully that means that at least some appointments are moving forward.

There is also still one large vacancy in the College of Cardinals, namely the Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina, which has been open since the death of Cardinal Gantin in mid-May. The delay is understandable since just 3 days before Pope Benedict XVI had named the new Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati (Cardinal Bertone following the death of Cardinal López Trujillo).

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