16 January 2011

Version 2.6.7 Structured View of Bishops

This weekend I've had a chance to make a few updates to the code that generates the website. There are several minor fixes and one big new feature: Structured View of Bishops.

The idea is to have a single page which shows all the current active bishops for a given country with various vital stats. As an example, take a look at this page for the United States of America.

You can find the link for a given country from the main country page, in the 2nd column labeled "Structured View" (not to be confused with the "Structured View" of dioceses listed in the 1st column).

Please note that I have not done a full refresh, so the new pages will appear for each country as a change occurs for that country. I hope to do a general refresh later this month.

There may be a couple more small code adjustments tomorrow.

If I've accidently broken something with the new update, please let me know! (Just use the feedback form on the website.)

Just a quick follow-up: Thanks for the feedback! I've made several minor adjustments today that should fix most of the outstanding issues on the Structured View pages (most related to secondary appointments). [updated 22 Jan 2011]

Another bug fixed today, Prelates were showing incomplete information. [updated 23 Jan 2011] 

Pünder died, Bandeira Coêlho succeeded as Coroatá Bishop

Bishop Reinaldo Ernst Enrich (Heribert) Pünder died and Bishop Sebastião Bandeira Coêlho succeeded as Bishop of Coroatá, Maranho, Brazil.

Bishop Bandeira Coêlho had been serving as Coadjutor of the same diocese.

Bishop Pünder had turned 72 a few days before his death. He served as a priest for 46 years and served 32 years as a bishop. May he rest in peace.

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