26 October 2009

Technical Notes

I just wanted to let folks know about two technical issues with the website.

First, because Daylight Saving Time has now ended in Rome, but does not end until next weekend in the US, updates this week will probably be delayed until the evening (US time). (There were no announcements for today.)

Second, I have updated the Google Translate code on the main website. The new code will automatically appear on any updated pages (I don't plan a full site refresh until around the end of the year.)

The most obvious change is the language selection box is now in the center of the footer of the page (rather than on the right margin just under the menu bar). If your browser is set to a language other than English, then you should get a translation box at the very top of the page with more info.

If you have any problems with this - please let me know! (Beware that it is an automated translation engine and so there are likely to be some issues with the translation itself - that is not something I can fix, for now.)

16 October 2009

Tomasik named Radom Bishop

Bishop Henryk Marian Tomasik was named Bishop of Radom, Poland.

The diocese had been vacant since then-Bishop Zygmunt Zimowski was named President of the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers in April 2009.

Bishop Tomasik had been serving as Auxiliary Bishop of Siedlce.

06 October 2009

Special Note - One the Road II

I just wanted to follow up to the previous post. I do have working internet access at my location in Rome. The only reason there haven't been any updates is that there has been nothing announced!

With Pope Benedict XVI now back in Rome, I do expect the pace of appointments to pick up - although it often takes a little while for it to get ramped up.

01 October 2009

Special Note - On The Road

I will be traveling for the next couple of weeks. I hope to continue the updates at roughly the normal time - but no promises. (You just never know how things will go!)

Any readers in Rome? Anyone want to meet up for lunch or something while I'm there? Drop me an email (or just use the feedback form on the website).

Longley named Birmingham Archbishop

Archbishop-designate Bernard Longley was named Archbishop of Birmingham, England, Great Britain.

The archdiocese had been vacant since Archbishop Vincent Gerard Nichols was named Archbishop of Westminster in April 2009.

Archbishop-designate Longley had been serving as Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster.

Padilla Cardona named Ciudad Obregón Bishop

Bishop Felipe Padilla Cardona was named Bishop of Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, México.

The diocese had been vacant since Bishop Juan Manuel Mancilla Sánchez was named Bishop of Texcoco in June 2009.

Bishop Padilla Cardona had been serving as Bishop of Tehuantepec.

Baylon named Legazpi Bishop

Bishop Joel Zamudio Baylon was named Bishop of Legazpi, Philippines.

The diocese had been vacant since the resignation of Bishop Nestor Celestial Cariño in November 2007.

Bishop Baylon had been serving as Bishop of Masbate.

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