19 September 2014

Neymeyr named Erfurt Bishop

Bishop Ulrich Neymeyr was named Bishop of Erfurt, Germany.

The diocese had been vacant since the resignation of Bishop Joachim Wanke in October 2012.

Bishop Neymeyr had been serving as Auxiliary Bishop of Mainz.

18 September 2014

Fisher named Sydney Archbishop

Archbishop-designate Anthony Colin Fisher, O.P. was named Archbishop of Sydney, Australia.

The archdiocese had been vacant since George Cardinal Pell was named Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy in February 2014.

Archbishop-designate Fisher had been serving as Bishop of Parramatta.

10 September 2014

Bianco named Djibouti Nuncio and Somalia Delegate

Archbishop Luigi Bianco was named Apostolic Nuncio to Djibouti and Apostolic Delegate to Somalia in addition to his other offices.

The posts had been vacant since Archbishop George Panikulam was named Apostolic Nuncio to Uruguay in June 2014.

08 September 2014

Brady retired, Martin succeeded as Armagh Archbishop

Seán Baptist Cardinal Brady retired and Archbishop Eamon Martin succeeded as Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland.

Archbishop Martin had been serving as Coadjutor Archbishop of the same archdiocese.

06 September 2014

Bishop Flores has died

Bishop Cirilo B. Flores, Bishop of San Diego, California, USA, has died.

He was 66 years old. He had served as a bishop for 5 years and as a priest for 23 years.

May he rest in peace.

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