22 July 2008

and 10,000,000 visits later

The Main Website reached a milestone early this morning - the 10 millionth visit.

The site began long ago, you can find a history and timeline in an earlier post.

Until the site got its own domain - on the Feast of Blessed Damien de Veuster (10 May 2002) no logs and very few stats were available. On that first day, there were 45 visits - viewing 495 pages.

Over the years the site has greatly expanded in content and in users. For example, yesterday there were over 6,000 visits looking at over 38,000 pages. Nearly 1,000 people belong to the groups that receive emails about updates.

And today, the total number of visits passed 10 million. During those visits, folks viewed 68 million pages. Not bad for 6.20 years of service :-)

All I can say is Thank You!

Alvarado Alcántara retired as Mexico Auxiliary

Bishop Abelardo Alvarado Alcántara retired as Auxiliary Bishop of México, Federal District, México.

15 July 2008

Elevated: Galápagos, Ecuador

Prefecture Apostolic of Galápagos, Ecuador was elevated to a Vicariate Apostolic.

Bishop Manuel Antonio Valarezo Luzuriaga, O.F.M. was named its first Vicar Apostolic. He had been serving as the Prefect.

13 July 2008

03 July 2008

Spreafico named Frosinone-Veroli-Ferentino Coadjutor

Bishop-elect Ambrogio Spreafico was named Coadjutor Bishop of Frosinone-Veroli-Ferentino, Italy.

Parmeggiani named Tivoli Bishop

Bishop-elect Mauro Parmeggiani was named Bishop of Tivoli, Italy.

The diocese had been vacant since then-Bishop Giovanni Paolo Benotto was named Archbishop of Pisa in February 2008.

Faivre resigned as Le Mans Bishop

Bishop Jacques Maurice Faivre resigned as Bishop of Le Mans, France.

Cazabon retired, Morissette named Saint-Jérôme Bishop

Bishop Gilles Cazabon, O.M.I. retired and Bishop Joseph Paul Pierre Morissette was named Bishop of Saint-Jérôme, Québec, Canada.

Bishop Morissette had been serving as Bishop of Baie-Comeau, Québec.

Blanchet retired, Fournier named Rimouski Archbishop

Archbishop Bertrand Blanchet retired and Archbishop-designate Pierre-André Fournier was named Archbishop of Rimouski, Québec, Canada.

Archbishop-designate Fournier had been serving as an Auxiliary Bishop of Québec.

Bertoldo retired, Sigismondi named Foligno Bishop

Bishop Arduino Bertoldo retired and Bishop-elect Gualtiero Sigismondi was named Bishop of Foligno, Italy.

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