12 January 2014

Consistory to Create New Cardinals, 2014 (now with Names!)

The consistory had been announced on 31 Oct 2013 to be held on 22 Feb 2014. This will be the first consistory to create new cardinals by Pope Francis. The following will be added to the College of Cardinals at that time: 16 Cardinal Electors:
Plus 3 Cardinals already over the age of 80:

09 January 2014

Now featuring over 35,000 Bishops

This past week I've been working on some older data entry for the site. In doing so, it has passed a milestone: it now has data on over 35,000 Bishops.

Here is a quick table showing how the data has expanded over time:

YearMonthBishopsMonths from previous

(Note: there are a few "bishops" on the site that are not really bishops. These are mostly either ordinaries of a jurisdiction such as a prefecture or cardinals that were not also bishops.)

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