14 September 2010

Bergie named Saint Catharines Bishop

Bishop Gerard Paul Bergie was named Bishop of Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

The diocese had been vacant since the resignation of Bishop James Matthew Wingle in April 2010.

Bishop Bergie had been serving as Auxiliary Bishop of Hamilton.

08 September 2010

Another Random Cardinal Chart

After posting the previous charts, someone asked a good question: how many Cardinals are created per year?

The Chart (Warning: PDF format)

So I ran the numbers and created a new chart showing the number of Cardinals created per papacy and the average number of Cardinals created per year.

The result is that beginning with the 17th century, the number of Cardinals created per year was around 4 until about 50 years ago. There was one obvious exception, Pope Alexander VIII (who averaged 10.77).

Beginning with Pope John XXIII, the average has been just under 9 per year. Pope Benedict XVI is current just over 7 per year.

(The overall answer is an average of 4.6 Cardinals created per year over the last 400 years.)

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