29 January 2024

Yiduxian Prefecture suppressed, Weifang Diocese Erected; Sun Wenjun named Bishop

The Apostolic Prefecture of Yiduxian is suppressed with some of its territory being used to create the new Diocese of Weifang, China. This action is dated 20 April 2023 but announced today.

Bishop Antonio Sun Wenjun was ordained today as its first bishop.

13 January 2024

Madathiparambil named Vijayapuram Auxiliary

Bishop-elect Justin Alexander Madathiparambil was named Auxiliary Bishop of Vijayapuram, India and titular bishop of Lysinia.

Bertin retired, Daibes named Djibouti Bishop

Bishop Giorgio Bertin, O.F.M. retired and Bishop Jamal Boulos Sleiman Daibes was named Bishop of Djibouti.

Bishop Daibes had been serving as Auxiliary Bishop of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme}, Palestine.

Jesuraj named Meerut Bishop

Bishop-elect Bhaskar Jesuraj was named Bishop of Meerut, India.

The diocese had been vacant since then-Bishop Francis Kalist was named Archbishop of Pondicherry and Cuddalore in March 2022.

Dias named Karwar Bishop

Bishop-elect Duming Dias was named Bishop of Karwar, India.

The diocese had been vacant since Bishop Derek Fernandes was named Bishop of Belgaum in May 2019.

Antony resigned as Mysore Bishop

Bishop Kannikadass William Antony resigned as Bishop of Mysore, India.

Anastas named Kuzhithurai Bishop

Bishop-elect Albert George Alexander Anastas was named Bishop of Kuzhithurai, India.

The diocese had been vacant since the resignation of Bishop Jerome Dhas Varuvel, S.D.B. in June 2020.

Francis retired, Amalanathan named Kumbakonam Bishop

Bishop Antonisamy Francis retired and Bishop-elect Jeevanandam Amalanathan was named Bishop of Kumbakonam, India.

Almeida retired, Arasu named Jabalpur Bishop

Bishop Gerald Almeida retired and Bishop-elect Valan Arasu was named Bishop of Jabalpur, India.

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