24 May 2008

De Nicolò named Titular Bishop

Bishop-elect Paolo De Nicolò was named Titular Bishop of Mariana in Corsica while remaining an Official of the Prefecture of the Papal Household.

Paolo joins his brothers Bishop Mariano De Nicolò (Bishop Emeritus of Rimini, Italy) and Archbishop Pier Giacomo De Nicolò (Apostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Switzerland) as bishops.

Vacchelli named Evangelization of Peoples Under-Secretary

Archbishop-elect Piergiuseppe Vacchelli was named Under-Secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and titular archbishop of Minturnae.

Pecorari named Uruguay Nuncio

Archbishop Anselmo Guido Pecorari was named Apostolic Nuncio to Uruguay. He had most recently been serving as Apostolic Nuncio to Rwanda.

Bolonek named Bulgaria Nuncio

Archbishop Janusz Bolonek was named Apostolic Nuncio to Bulgaria. The post had been vacant since Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza was named Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland in February 2008. Archbishop Bolonek had been serving as Apostolic Nuncio to Uruguay.

Hoser named Warszawa-Praga Bishop

Archbishop Henryk Hoser, S.A.C. was named Bishop of Warszawa-Praga, Poland while retaining the personal-dignity of Archbishop. The diocese had been vacant since Archbishop Sławoj Leszek Głódź was named Archbishop of Gdańsk in April 2008.

Teissier retired, Bader named Alger Archbishop

Archbishop Henri Antoine Marie Teissier retired and Archbishop-elect Ghaleb Moussa Abdalla Bader was named Archbishop of Alger, Algeria.

23 May 2008

Kota Kinabalu elevated to Archdiocese

The diocese of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia has been elevated into a Metropolitan Archdiocese with Archbishop-designate John Lee Hiong Fun-Yit Yaw remaining the ordinary.

The dioceses of Keningau and Sandakan become suffragan dioceses of the new archdiocese.

17 May 2008

Cardinals by Seniority

Ya'll may have noticed that yet another new version was released today. Its a fairly small change - adding Cardinals by Seniority pages. Because there are so many Cardinals, it is split into 3 segments, by class of Cardinal.
For now I've adjusted my lists to conform to the Annuario Pontificio 2008 (with the exception of events that have occurred since it was published).

There are still a couple of entries which I am investigating, namely:

  • Cardinal Darmaatmadja (69) is before Cardinal Ortega y Alamino (68). Although coverage at the time of their consistory indicate that Ortega y Alamino was before Darmaatmadja.
  • Cardinal Sepe (99) is listed between Cardinals Honoré (123) and Scola (124). Normally Cardinals can ask to move from Cardinal-Deacon to Cardinal-Priest after 10 years in the College and retain their seniority. Its not clear if one elevated before the 10 years should also retain their seniority. If he retained his seniority he would be at #99.

Pujasumarta named Bandung Bishop

Bishop-elect Johannes Maria Trilaksyanta Pujasumarta was named Bishop of Bandung, Indonesia. The diocese had been vacant since the death of Bishop Alexander Soetandio Djajasiswaja in January 2006.

14 May 2008

de la Cruz named Kidapawan Bishop

Bishop Romulo Tolentino de la Cruz was named Bishop of Kidapawan, Philippines. The diocese had been vacant since then-Bishop Romulo Geolina Valles was named Archbishop of Zamboanga in November 2006.

Bishop de la Cruz had been serving as Bishop of San Jose de Antique.

13 May 2008

Nguyên Van Tot named Costa Rica Nuncio

Archbishop Pierre Nguyên Van Tot was named Apostolic Nuncio to Costa Rica. The post had been vacant since Archbishop Osvaldo Padilla was named Apostolic Nuncio to Korea in April 2008. Archbishop Nguyên Van Tot had been serving as Apostolic Nuncio to Central African Republic and to Chad.

Cardinal Gantin Died

Bernardin Cardinal Gantin, Dean Emeritus of the College of Cardinals and Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina, has died. He had turned 86 less than a week ago. He had served as a priest for 57 years, as a bishop for 51 years, and a cardinal for 30 years. May he rest in peace.

11 May 2008

Version 2.5.2

Today I've finished another minor upgrade to the code that generates the website. Besides some more internal adjustments, I've added several new pages. They are the global equivalent of several "by Country" pages that already exist.
There is one more set of new pages that I'm currently working on. I hope to introduce them in the next month or so - as soon they are ready.

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